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  • No HR Staff? 7 Crucial Moves to Master Everyday Employee Management
    Tuesday, September 12, 2017
    2 p.m. ET / 1 p.m. CT / 12 p.m. MT / 11 a.m. PT
    Presented by: Jaime Lizotte, HR Solutions Manager

    There’s a point when it becomes obvious that a business needs an HR professional on staff. Until then, managing the required recordkeeping tasks, handling questions from employees, and taking proper steps to protect your business from legal risk can seem like a never-ending burden that distracts from other critical business activities. And yet, you can’t afford to ignore these responsibilities.

    Take a deep breath! This free webinar will provide practical guidelines for getting HR activities under control, even without an HR specialist on staff. After the presentation, you’ll have solid information to help your business run more smoothly and, most importantly, protect you in the event of an employee lawsuit.

    In this insightful webinar, you’ll learn:

    • Common mistakes to avoid when hiring
    • How to create an organized recordkeeping system
    • Employee policies every business needs
    • The right way to document performance issues
    • Why accurate labor law postings are critical
    • Steps to prevent a costly harassment claim
    • How to use technology to reduce HR overhead
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Fresh Off The Press

How to Stop Excessive Absenteeism from Undermining Your Business — Q&A Session
In our post-webinar Q&A Session, Jaime Lizotte, HR Solutions Manager, answers your questions on how to keep employee absenteeism from getting out of hand.
Employee Recordkeeping by the Numbers
Keeping records and orderly employee files are critical in a business. Here are some practical tips to meet your company's employee record keeping requirements.
The Hidden Cost of a Hasty Hire: A Bad Hire by the Numbers
A bad hire can cost a business at least 30% of the employee’s first-year earnings. Learn the signs you’ve made a hasty hiring decision and the hidden costs from HR experts.
10 Common Myths About Labor Law Posting Regulations
With this practical and informative e-guide, you’ll get an up-close look at the top 10 myths that many businesses believe about labor law posting regulations.
Seven Lies Employees Tell You About Time & Pay
In our post-webinar Q&A Session, Jaime Lizotte, HR Solutions Manager answers the most important questions on employee misconceptions about time and pay laws.
Immigration Crackdown: Increased I-9 Enforcement Calls for Immediate Steps by Employers — Q&A Session
In our post-webinar Q&A Session, Jaime Lizotte, HR Solutions Manager, and Shanna Wall, Esq., Compliance Attorney, answer the most important questions about increased I-9 enforcement.
Local Legislative Infographic
4 Times Local Lawmakers Stepped in when Federal Regulations Lagged — During the current slow-down of federal labor law regulations, we’re seeing a swell of changes on the local level. This added layer of regulatory activity creates more complexity for employers.
Tools & Tips
I-9 Compliance: How to Conduct an Internal I-9 Audit
A self-audit can minimize fines & risks of liability for I-9 violations. Follow these guidelines to conduct an internal I-9 compliance audit at your workplace.
Effective and Legal Ways to Avoid Political Unrest in the Workplace — Q&A Session
In our post-webinar Q&A Session, Jaime Lizotte, HR Solutions Manager and Shanna Wall, Compliance Attorney, answer the most important questions about the effective and legal ways to avoid political unrest in the workplace.
Does No Change to the Federal Minimum Wage Really Matter?
It’s been a decade since the federal government passed legislation to increase the minimum wage, and it’s highly unlikely we’ll see an increase under the new administration. But before you decide this inactivity doesn’t matter to your business, consider this: The rate may be stalled at the federal level, but it’s revving up in states and cities.
Hire with Confidence: How to Comply with “Ban the Box” and Other Trending Hiring Laws — Q&A Session
In our special post-webinar Q&A session, Jaime Lizotte, HR Solutions Manager, and Shanna Wall, Compliance Attorney, answer top questions from webinar attendees.
Tools & Tips
Counting Hours Worked: 10 Common — and Confusing — Time and Pay Misconceptions
Many employers make mistakes when it comes to compensating non-exempt or “hourly” employees. And usually it’s because they don’t understand what is required by law.
13 Must-Have Policies for Today's Workplace (with Tips for Keeping Them Legal) — Q&A Session
In our post-webinar Q&A session, Jaime Lizotte and Shanna Wall, Esq. answer the most important questions about the 13 Must-Have Policies for Today's Workplace.
How to Fire an Employee Legally & Fairly
In an ideal world, every employee would be a perfect, productive fit and you’d never have to let someone go for missing the mark or violating the rules.
Off the Hook or Off to Court? What Employers Need to Know About the Blocked FLSA Overtime Rule — Q&A Session
In a special post-webinar Q&A session, Jaime Lizotte, HR Solutions Manager, and Shanna Wall, Compliance Attorney, answer the top questions from a webinar regarding the recent blocked FLSA rule.
Tools & Tips
9 Essential Tips to Complete Form I-9 Correctly
It’s your responsibility as an employer to distinguish between legal and illegal workers when hiring. This includes completing the mandatory Form I-9 with every new hire to verify identity and employment eligibility. Check out our list of tips to ensure you handle I-9s the right way and avoid potentially costly mistakes.
The ABC's of ACA Reporting
The reporting requirements of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) can be confusing for affected employers. This provides vital definitions of acronyms connected to the ACA.
Tools & Tips
Understand Your Legal Obligations: Federal Labor Laws All Business Owners Should Know
Check out this overview of federal and state employment laws that apply to even the smallest businesses.
Critical Actions Every Employer Must Take Under the New FLSA Overtime Rule — Q&A Session
In our special post-webinar Q&A session, Jaime Lizotte, HR Solutions Manager, and Shanna Wall, Compliance Attorney, answer top questions from webinar attendees.
W-2s, 1099s and ACA Forms: 5 Things Every Employer Needs to Know Before Filing — Q&A Session
Listen to Jaime Lizotte, HR Solutions Manager, answer key questions from our tax filing webinar in this Q&A session.
Tools & Tips
Employee Record Retention Guidelines for Employers and HR Managers
How long should you keep resumes, job applications and Form I-9s? Find out what the law demands with this handy chart. It specifies the required retention periods for common personnel forms.
Exempt or Non-Exempt?
Most employees who are exempt from overtime pay fall into certain categories, such as executive, administrative or professional. Exempt status is determined through two factors: compensation and Department of Labor (DOL) “job duties” tests. Let’s take a closer look.
How to Classify Independent Contractors Correctly — Every Time
Using contract workers has many benefits, but it can be fraught with risk. Use this e-guide to get independent contractor classification right every time.
Tools & Tips
Interview Questions You Can Never Ask Applicants – and What to Ask Instead
This handy chart of do’s and don’ts covers illegal and potentially discriminatory questions to avoid when interviewing candidates — and acceptable questions to ask instead.
Independent Contractor or Employee? How to Get It Right Every Time — Q&A Session
Does your business rely on freelancers, project workers and other “independent contractors” to get things done? In this special Q&A session, “1099 Queen” Marcia Miller asks common classification questions from webinar attendees.
Tools & Tips
Employee or Contractor? Tips to Get It Right
The rules surrounding whether a worker is an employee or independent contractor are certainly complex. The following tips will steer you in the right direction.
Tools & Tips
Employee Voting Rights: State-Specific Chart
This chart details employee voting rights by state, including how much time employees are entitled to take off and whether or not they must be paid.
How to Prevent Political Discussions from Becoming Workplace Wars — Q&A Session
In our special post-webinar Q&A session, Jaime Lizotte, HR Solutions Manager, and Shanna Wall, Compliance Attorney, answer top questions from webinar attendees.​
Poster Compliance Audit: Is Your Business at Risk? — Q&A Session
Employment law attorney Ashley Kaplan answers employer questions about posting compliance.
DOL Announces New Overtime Rules: What You Must Know (and Do) to Comply — Q&A Session
​​​If you're like most employers, you have a lot of questions about the new overtime rules for exempt and non-exempt employees. In our special post-webinar Q&A session, listen to Ashley Kaplan answer the top questions from our webinar.
5 Performance-Management Scenarios: Navigating Everyday Encounters for Greater Results — Q&A Session
Human resources consultant Mike Haberman answers top employer questions about performance-management issues.​​
Tools & Tips
5 Smart Tips for Managing Your Independent Contractors
Follow the five essential tips in this article to ensure you’re meeting the IRS and legal criteria for working with independent contractors.
So You Want to Be the Boss: A Step-by-Step Guide to Hiring Your First Employee
This guide will help you decide whether you need to hire and explain every step to doing so—from recruiting to complying with employment law. When you‘re done, you‘ll be all set to bring your first employee on board.
Tools & Tips
Fire Without Fear: Everything You Must Consider Before Choosing to Terminate
This download walks you through a series of questions to help you determine whether you should terminate an employee who has violated company policy or is performing poorly.
Simplifying ACA Compliance — Q&A Session
In our special post-webinar Q&A session, attorney Stacy Barrow answers employer questions about filling out the 1095-C form.
Are You a Federal Contractor?
​Is your company considered a federal contractor? If so, your business is subject to specific laws and regulations.
Employee or Independent Contractor?
Employee or Contractor? If you don’t get it right, you could be facing big financial risks. Check out these keys to correct classification that can help point you in the right direction.​
A 5-Step Approach to More Meaningful Performance Management
​Meaningful performance management requires employers to invest in employee goals, monitor key performance indicators, provide feedback, conduct evaluations and always set the bar higher.​​