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Passionate People Solving Everyday Challenges for the Nation’s Employers


At ComplyRight, our mission is to free employers from the burden of tracking and complying with the complex
web of federal, state and local employment laws, so they can stay focused on managing and growing their
businesses. How do we do this? We talk to employers every day. We listen to better understand their challenges.
We track federal, state and local regulatory activity. And we consult with our in-house legal research
team to understand how employment regulations affect employers day-to-day.

We use these insights to create practical, affordable solutions that streamline essential tasks while staying
‘within the lines’ of those complex laws. We complement these solutions with educational content and actionable
guidance to help employers act in their own best interest while still doing right by employees.

From hiring and training, to time tracking and recordkeeping, to labor law posting and tax information reporting,
our innovative products and services address the real-world challenges employers face every day.


We have PASSION for our Customers’ Success

We seek thorough understanding of their workplace challenges.
We provide reliable and useful solutions.
We exceed their expectations.

Complete I-9 and W-4 Forms in 4 Easy Steps!

  • Susan Drenning
    Susan Drenning President

    Since 2003, Susan has led the ComplyRight team through ongoing investment in compliance expertise, technology development and customer-centered innovation. She has a passion to serve the true, small business and enjoys answering customer calls and assisting our Customer Success Specialists during busy periods.

    Prior to leading ComplyRight, Susan leveraged her Journalism degree to manage custom publications for some of the biggest banks and airlines in the country.

    FUN FACT: One of Susan’s favorite pastimes is taking daily runs with her rescue mutt, Nala.

  • Patricia Milian
    Patricia Milian Senior Vice President

    Patricia joined ComplyRight in 2003, bringing with her 20 years of experience in marketing strategy and communications. Since joining the company, she has championed the introduction of the ComplyRight product line in 2006, the launch of TrackSmart (our first web app) in 2010, and the transition to ComplyRight, Inc., as our corporate brand in 2016.

    Patricia currently oversees efforts to educate small business employers and their trusted advisors on employment laws and best practices for handling day-to-day employee management tasks.

    FUN FACT: Patricia and her husband indulge their love of music by traveling to music festivals in their camper.

  • Jordan Blanco
    Jordan Blanco Director, E-Marketing & SaaS Products

    Since joining the ComplyRight team in 2011, Jordan has led marketing, product, and development teams to make ComplyRight's vision of next generation HR and Compliance solutions a reality.

    Jordan is fearless in driving a multi-faceted team to envision, design, develop and launch timely and relevant solutions for today’s most challenging employee management concerns.

    FUN FACT: Jordan may hold the record for binge-watching TV shows and movies. If you name it, he’s probably seen it.

  • Tracy Fives
    Tracy Fives Senior Director

    Tracy joined ComplyRight in 2006, bringing her experience working in small businesses to drive the HRdirect marketing, sales and customer service strategy. She routinely monitors customer feedback to garner new insights to share with product development.

    Tracy is a hands-on leader, championing the unique perspective of true small businesses and ensuring our services align to their needs.

    FUN FACT: Tracy is an avid hiker. She will trek to Mount Everest Base Camp in 2017. 

  • Ashley Kaplan
    Ashley Kaplan, Esq. Senior Employment Law Attorney

    Ashley has practiced labor and employment law for more than 20 years, representing employers in matters ranging from discrimination and harassment litigation to defending FLSA class action lawsuits.

    In her current role as Senior Employment Law Attorney for ComplyRight, Inc., Ashley handles legal compliance and oversees the teams responsible for researching and developing labor law posting solutions, including the market-leading Poster Guard® Compliance Service, and other HR compliance solutions for businesses of all sizes.

    FUN FACT: Ashley loves participating in competitive sports and plays in several adult soccer leagues.

  • Shanna Wall
    Shanna Wall, Esq. Labor Law Attorney

    Shanna supports legal research and content for the product development of next generation HR/compliance solutions at ComplyRight. Since graduating from St. Thomas University, School of Law, Shanna has practiced law for 8 years. She is a licensed attorney in Florida and Illinois. Her background also includes B2B sales and marketing as well as firsthand experience as a small business owner.

    FUN FACT: Shanna’s all-time favorite sports team is the St. Louis Cardinals. 

  • Jaime Lizotte
    Jaime Lizotte HR Solutions Manager

    Jaime joined the product development team at ComplyRight in 2007. Since then, she has managed and developed numerous HR solutions, from training tools and safety products to HR and tax reporting software.

    Before joining ComplyRight, Jaime was a practicing HR Manager at a small marketing firm. Her hands-on experience as an HR practitioner gives her unique insight into the day-to-day challenges of small business employers as she develops next-generation products to make employee management easier.

    FUN FACT: Jaime enjoys shopping for shoes and handbags, and is also highly competitive in a fantasy football league.

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