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Affordable Care Act (ACA) Reporting Insight

Can You Fire Employees on the Spot? Six Scenarios to Consider
August 11
Handling employee behavioral issues can be tricky. In most cases, a “progressive discipline” approach is recommended: F ... More >
5 Workplace Policies That Can Help Improve Employee Productivity
August 4
An employee policy manual or handbook is a valuable tool for outlining company rules and expectations. Just as important ... More >
Employee Recordkeeping by the Numbers
July 20
Keeping records and orderly employee files are critical in a business. Here are some practical tips to meet your company ... More >
New I-9 Form Released: Mandatory Update for All Employers
July 18
As anticipated, the USCIS (U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services) released an updated Form I-9 on July 17, 2017.More >
Jaime Lizotte
Presented by: Jaime Lizotte,
HR Solutions Manager
Take a deep breath! This free webinar will provide practical guidelines for getting HR activities under control, even without an HR specialist on staff. After the presentation, you’ll have solid information to help your business run more smoothly and, most importantly, protect you in the event of an employee lawsuit.