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Performance Management for a Successful Workforce

Performance management is a vital part of the employee relationship -- from developing measurable goals and providing regular feedback to conducting targeted reviews and addressing problem areas. Maximize employee commitment and productivity by learning the ins and outs of effective performance management. ​

Performance Management Insight

Tips and Tools to Document Employee Performance
April 28
When it comes to managing employees, the importance of documentation cannot be overstated. Nothing is done in a vacuum, ... More >
Pre-Termination Considerations: Questions to Ask before Making a Final Firing Decision
April 28
Disciplining employees and making termination decisions are challenging for any manager. Make the wrong decision, and yo ... More >
A 5-Step Approach to More Meaningful Performance Management
April 28
​Meaningful performance management requires employers to invest in employee goals, monitor key performance indicators, p ... More >
How to Create Meaningful, Effective Goals for Employees
March 22
When you give your employees goals, you’re putting structure around what they should be doing and what you expect from t ... More >
Jaime Lizotte
Presented by: Jaime Lizotte,
HR Solutions Manager
​In our last I-9 audit webinar, we received more than 350 questions from participants. And it’s no wonder. The two-page Form I-9 has a whopping 15 pages of instructions PLUS a 69-page handbook on proper completion. In this follow-up webinar, we will answer as many of your submitted questions as we can. You'll leave the presentation clearer on the requirements of the I-9 and, just as important, more confident in your abilities to properly administer it.
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