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Poster Compliance Audit: Is Your Business at Risk?

Labor law posting requirements are constantly changing. In the past 13 months alone, we’ve tracked 80 mandatory posting changes throughout more than 35 states. That’s a lot to keep up with, especially if you have multiple locations.

Do you know the requirements for your business and industry? Most importantly, are you certain you’re fully compliant? If there’s any doubt, you’ll want to attend this special, live presentation.

Register now and learn:

  • Latest posting changes at the local and state level
  • Special posting requirements for businesses with Spanish-speaking employees, remote workers and/or federal contractors
  • Common mistakes to avoid
  • Potential fines and liabilities for posting violations

BONUS: All attendees will receive a free posting compliance checklist on conducting a self-audit of your labor law postings. You must attend the webinar to receive the policy.