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We’re a team of smart, friendly, hard-working individuals on a mission to help companies manage employees and comply with employment laws. At ComplyRight, you’ll work side by side with committed professionals who care about what we do and how we do it.

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If you’re seeking a workplace that values your expertise, encourages healthy collaboration
and recognizes achievement, ComplyRight may be the place for you. As a conscientious and
quality-minded employer, we operate under a clearly defined mission and core set of values.
There’s no question we take our work seriously… and we take our fun seriously, too!

Top Work Places 2017 - Sun Sentinel Media Group


In April 2017, ComplyRight earned the distinction of being selected as a Top Workplace in South Florida by the Sun Sentinel. This honor is based entirely on the results of an employee feedback survey administered by Workplace Dynamics, LLC, a leading research firm specializing in organizational health and workplace improvement. The survey measured several aspects of workplace culture, including Alignment, Execution and Connection.

We are thrilled and grateful that our employees consider ComplyRight a healthy and positive place to work!


The WAVE committee is a cross-departmental team of volunteer employees who help create a fun and
positive work environment. The committee organizes an annual employee party, hosts charitable events,
delivers employee appreciation goodies and kicks off other entertaining activities.

Diversity Repect


We hire, train and promote employees based on
skills, merit and other job-appropriate criteria.
We pride ourselves in cultivating an inclusive workplace that promotes diversity, respects differences and doesn’t tolerate discrimination.

Fostering Growth

fostering growth

We strive to inspire every employee to reach
for and seize opportunity. Through ongoing
training and development, each employee can
advance professionally and play a vital role in the
company’s ongoing success


Employee celebrations are a big deal at ComplyRight, from our action-packed Halloween bash to our
annual employee extravaganza. Plus, you never know when we’ll roll out crazy hat day, ice cream treat
afternoon, favorite football jersey Friday and other light-hearted activities

Giving Back

giving back

The ComplyRight family contributes thousands of
dollars each year to worthy causes. Bake sales, chili
cook-offs, gift basket challenges and 50/50 raffles
are just a few ways we raise money in support of
charities hand-selected by employees

Recycle That


Conservation is critically important to many
ComplyRight employees. To help preserve the
environment, employees are provided with
paper-recycling bins at their desks and paper,
aluminum and plastic recycling bins are
located throughout the building.

  • “Professionally, I love the level of independence and flexibility I am given here. I have a true sense of ownership but know that support is there should I need it. Personally, I really enjoy my coworkers – they are fun, caring people. We work hard but manage to squeeze in plenty of laughter. And when we pull together as a group to raise money for a good cause, we have full-on support from the company. Last but not least are the extras that you take for granted when you work here, such as impromptu celebrations, CRAZY Halloween costume challenges and a Creative Director who roams the halls in Sponge Bob slippers. Need I say more?”

    Leslie Puro, Marketing Manager
    Employee since 2009
  • I’ve had the pleasure of working at ComplyRight for almost two decades. As a member of the IT team, I get to interact with every department from sales and marketing to accounting and operations, and even directly with the president of the company. The collaborative effort here has greatly contributed to the success and growth of the company and the employees. I’ve experienced this growth personally with the help of my boss, who I consider a mentor.

    Jose Cruz, Network Administrator
    Employee since 2001
  • “After working here for more than two decades, I can honestly say that I still grow and learn every day. I consider myself lucky to work for such a great company that really values its employees and where people genuinely care about each other.”

    Alice Spohn, Art Director
    Employee since 1994
  • “I enjoy working in the atmosphere of innovation that courses through ComplyRight. The company has a strong foundation in providing compliance products but it’s not content to rest on its reputation. Instead, there is a concerted effort afoot to transition to cloud-based solutions and apps that are easier and more efficient for customers. This is communicated throughout the organization and they are open to ideas and suggestions from all employees. I’ve seen those ideas acted on and brought to fruition. This engenders a feeling that we are all in this together and are mutually invested in the future of the company.”

    Brett Hall, Director of Partner Development, CDS
    Employee since 2013
  • “I love working at ComplyRight because I feel like I’m part of a much larger picture. The company always stays in tune with customers’ needs, and is constantly innovating and changing to meet those needs –that’s exciting to be a part of! Working here has been rewarding for me personally because I get to help our customers solve their real-world HR challenges and support their journeys as they grow their businesses.”

    Judy Morales, HR Compliance Specialist
    Employee since 2001
  • “Some people ask me why I’ve stayed with ComplyRight so long. The reason is simple: Here, I get the opportunity to grow as a developer by learning new software languages and skills. I started as an AS/400 developer and today I’m a web developer. Because software languages and technologies change so quickly, this is very valuable for any developer’s career. I also enjoy the people and the environment. We all have the same goal, which is to develop the best product. This is easily accomplished when we can all leave our egos at the door and focus on that goal. It’s actually fun to come to work and interact with each other.”

    Isa Wall, Software Developer - Team Lead
    Employee since 1997