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From Documentation to Discipline: Control Unscheduled Absences with Proper Attendance Tracking

Did you know? Approximately 15% of businesses have no process for tracking employee attendance. Not keeping accurate records encourages employees to work less and take unaccounted time off — simply because you permit it.

Proper attendance tracking can prevent this. It allows you to tackle workplace absences head on — and reduce the aggravation of frequent call-ins, tardiness and other productivity-draining issues related to attendance.

Join us for a free, insightful webinar to learn:

  • The costs of excessive, unscheduled absenteeism on your business
  • Why companies — large and small — should track attendance
  • The legal do’s and don’ts of attendance tracking
  • Compliance pitfalls that can occur with improper, incomplete recordkeeping
  • Demo of a cost-effective solution for easier attendance tracking