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Modernizing HR: 5 Ways to Streamline HR Tasks with Budget-Friendly Web Apps

Hiring, recordkeeping, time and attendance tracking, employee discipline, filing 1099 and W2s ... all of these tasks create overhead expenses and detract from revenue-generating activities.

Do you know just how much manual, paper-based processes are costing your business? In the U.S., companies spend more than $120 billion a year on printed forms, most of which become outdated within three months. Switching to cloud-based apps could cut the cost and streamline your HR processes. But which ones? The key to success is choosing the right apps for your business.

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  • The top HR functions that can easily be handled with inexpensive cloud apps
  • The "5 degrees of integration" that determine whether cloud apps will really save you time
  • The single biggest benefit you can gain from using cloud apps for HR
  • The four warning signs that a cloud vendor may not be a good choice