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Find the resources you need to understand, prepare and comply with the new overtime rules from ComplyRight.  

On May 17, 2016, the Department of Labor finalized new regulations regarding which employees are exempt from overtime pay. Essentially, any employee making less than $47,476 annually will now be eligible for overtime pay, regardless of his or her job duties. All employers must implement the new FLSA rules by December 1, 2016.

Review our corresponding webinar, download our FAQ handout and read our news alert article to get a grasp on the new FLSA changes and what they mean for your business.


DOL Announces New Overtime Rules:
What You Need to Know and Do to Comply

This on demand webinar explains the new overtime rule requirements, covers important exceptions to the new regulations, and recommends tactics to communicate changes to managers and employees.


FAQs About the New FLSA Overtime Rule

This FAQ download provides answers to trending questions about the new FLSA overtime rule in a Q&A format so you can easily understand the specifics of the overtime rule.



DOL Overhauls the Overtime Rules: Here's What You Need to Know Now

This article explains the changes to the highly anticipated changes and provides a closer look at some of the actions to consider in the coming months before the December 1 deadline.

In response to the new overtime rules, employers are scrambling to figure out how to prepare for the new FLSA changes, effective December 1.

If you’re like most employers, you have a lot of questions about the options for complying with the new FLSA requirements. ComplyRight can help you work through the best practices and explain the legal changes you need to take in your workplace. Review and share this e-guide, webinar, and article with your managers and team members responsible for implementing the change before you take action.


7 Perfectly Legal Ways to Manage the
New FLSA Overtime Rule

This article explains options to comply with the new FLSA overtime rule, so you can be prepared to take action in plenty of time before the December 1 deadline.


Understand the New Overtime Rules:
Who's Exempt and Who's Not

This E-Guide explains the legal criteria for each type of FLSA exemption, so you can more confidently determine which employees require overtime (and which don't).


Ready, Set, Go: Critical Actions Every Employer Should
Take with the New FLSA Overtime Rule

This webinar will help you weigh your legal options and in response to the new overtime rule and help you develop a sensible implementation plan.

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The FLSA Compliance
E-Solution Makes it Easy

This web-based software contains four powerful tools to help you implement changes required by the new overtime rules, including a classification wizard and an hourly to salary conversion calculator. This solution also gives you automatic federal and state compliance updates during your 12-month subscription.

The FLSA Compliance E-Solution provides everything an employer needs to:

  • Understand the new FLSA rules – and
    options for complying
  • Reclassify employees easily and accurately, while controlling payroll expenses
  • Communicate and roll out the new
    rules smoothly
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