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Performance management is a vital part of the employee relationship -- from developing measurable goals and providing regular feedback to conducting targeted reviews and addressing problem areas. Maximize employee commitment and productivity by learning the ins and outs of effective performance management. ​

Disciplinary Tactics That Get Results

Why You Can’t Ignore Employee Performance Issues

Addressing employee performance problems may be the most difficult – but also the most important – aspect of a manager’s job. By using a hands-on approach to monitor performance, you increase the likelihood your employees will succeed and work to their full potential. This also protects your company from legal complications if an employment decision is ever challenged.

Documenting Performance Problems
Documenting Performance Problems

When it comes to performance management, the role of documentation can’t be overstated. Whether you’re drafting a written warning, a termination report or merely the details of a coaching session, you should take the view that it could be used as evidence for, or against, you in an employee lawsuit. Done right, these documents can prove your treatment was lawful and fair.

In this chapter, you'll learn:
  • Why documentation matters
  • Rely on performance management tools
  • The impact of employment laws on performance management
Discipline Policies & Procedures

Progressive discipline is the idea that an employee should be counseled a certain number of times on an issue before being subject to stricter discipline, such as termination. Even if your company doesn’t have a written progressive discipline policy, taking appropriate steps can help you address difficult situations – while giving employees the opportunity to improve and meet expectations.

In this chapter, you'll learn:
  • The basics of progressive discipline
  • Taking disciplinary action
  • How to conduct disciplinary meetings
Discipline Policies & Procedures