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Simplifying Essential Tasks
for Busy Employers


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Ready to move your HR tasks online and take a fresh approach to employee management?

HRdirect Smart Apps  

HRdirect Smart Apps are the smartest apps in the industry because they’re:

  • Budget friendly – They not only fit your business, they fit your budget so you won’t break the bank.
  • Highly secure – State-of-the-art security safeguards and advanced encryption protect your sensitive data.
  • Seamless to adopt – Enter employee information once and it’s shared across all your other apps.
  • Simple to use – Choose only the app(s) you need.
    No installation necessary. You’re up and running in
    mere minutes.
  • Always accessible – Access your apps 24/7 from any computer, tablet or smart device.

With a single database of essential employee information at your fingertips,
you’ll stop the endless paper trail and administrative runaround.

Get started now with the FREE Employee Records App!

Practical Solutions for Your Immediate HR Concerns

Jamie Lizotte HR Solutions
Jaime Lizotte
HR Solutions Manager

“We get it – running a business and managing employees take tremendous time and energy. You need simple, sensible solutions that solve your immediate issues, and not a complicated HR ‘system’ that bogs you down.

ComplyRight focuses on creating practical, easy-to-use tools to solve the problem at hand. Whatever comes your way, you’ll find the exact solution you need to stay in control and in compliance, with full confidence and minimum effort.

When you want to do it right – and need to do it right now – look to ComplyRight."