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2018 National Compliance Pulse Survey: Small Businesses Weigh In on Top Employment Law Concerns and Challenges

Would it surprise you to learn that more than half of small-business employers lack full confidence in their awareness of employment laws? And that most of them rely on non-experts for advice on HR compliance topics?

The second annual National Small Business Compliance Pulse Survey, sponsored by ComplyRight, revealed these and many other interesting findings. Join us for a fascinating, one-hour summary of the key insights revealed by the study. We’ll share sta​tistics and observations about how small businesses just like yours feel about – and deal with – increasingly complex labor laws.

You will discover:

  • The top HR compliance concerns among businesses with fewer than 100 employees
  • The current level of HR technology adoption among those small businesses
  • The surprising facts about what small businesses include – and don’t include – in their employee policy handbooks
  • How many small businesses have faced labor law investigations, legal actions and fines
  • How prepared they feel they are to deal with an investigation or legal action

Download the 2018 National Small Business Compliance Pulse Survey to learn more about the attitudes, pain points and responses of small businesses when it comes to managing the constantly evolving landscape of employment laws and trends.

Jaime Lizotte
Presented by: Jaime Lizotte,
HR Solutions Manager
Many businesses choose to work with independent contractors, which is perfectly acceptable. But only if you follow the legal parameters. The IRS has strict worker classification rules regarding who is a contractor and who is an employee. Get it wrong and you could face severe penalties, including back taxes, steep fines and, in some cases, even prison.

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